I’m Geralyn…creator, lover of life, adventurer, DIY junkie.  I love any and all things that are an outlet for the never ending creative juices I have running through me.  At any given moment you may find me walking my pitbull Daisy on the beach, traveling the globe, walking around the neighborhood with my Nikon taking pictures of whatever catches my eye, curled up on my couch reading a good book, or wasting time on the internet looking for some inspiration for my next project.  I am currently a special education teacher by day….villain avenging superhero by night! Well, not really, the superhero part isn’t true, but wasn’t it always fun to imagine what your teacher did after school as a kid??  I live in a beach town in New York with my husband, our furbaby Daisy, and our lovebird Buddy.


I’ll share my latest projects and ideas here and hope you will be inspired.  “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.” So let’s be those dreamers who do!  🙂



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